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MALT Map & List of Protected Properties

MALT has protected as farmland forever 75 family farms on more than 47,000 acres of farmland. But there is more work to do. Get a sense of the landscape of Marin farming and the natural landscapes and farmland that still need preservation on this map, or jump to a list of every MALT-protected farm and ranch.

MALT map

We gratefully acknowledge The ESRI Conservation Program - Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), publishers of ArcGIS software for their generous software grant to MALT.


MALT-Protected Farms and Ranches

Below is a list of the properties that have been saved over the past three decades for future generations. 

In the next year, three more critical properties need our help. Join us in preserving this land forever, or visit our Profiles in Preservation to get to know some of the farmers.

Presented in chronological order by year acquired

1983-1989      1990-1999     2000-2009     2010-Present



1. Mazza-Pomi & Lavio Ranches
844 acres, Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Road

MALT's first easement sets the pace for its land preservation efforts. The ranch currenly supports a beed and pasture-raised chicken egg operation.

2. Stevens Ranch
1,503 acres, Marshall

A former Synanon property, the San Francisco Foundation returned it to agricultural use, selling it to the Stevens Family with an easement conveyed to MALT.  Beef, sheep and wine grapes are grown here, and the property houses the Straus Family Creamery.



3. Skywalker Ranch
2,538 acres, Nicasio

MALT received an easement covering 95% of this ranch from Lucasfilm, Ltd. in accordance with County planning requirements.  Beef cattle graze the pastures alongside vineyards.



4. Walker Creek Ranch
1,720 acres, Marshall

A former Synanon property, its developed area is used by the Marin County Office of Education for outdoor environmental education programs and the fields are leased to graze beef.

5. Rogers/Lafranchi Ranch
477 acres, Nicasio

Located just north of Nicasio Square, this endangered ranch was saved from pending development through MALT's purchase and subsequent resale to a neighboring dairy rancher.   This is home to Nicasion Valley Cheese Company, Nicasio Valley Farms pumpkin patch, and Allstar Organic.

6. Cerini Ranch
360 acres, Tomales

Scottish Highland cattle are raised on this ranch located in the Coastal Zone on a hilltop between Tomales Bay and the town of Tomales. 

7. Stubbs & Pitts Ranches
1,161 acres, Hicks Valley

In 1982, Tom and Mary purchased their ranch overlooking Hicks Valley and four years later sought to permanently protect it from non-agricultural development by selling a conservation easement to MALT. Stubbs Ranch is now home to Stubbs Vineyard.  The Pitts Ranch's pastures are leased for Angus beef cow/calf operation.



8. Daniels Ranch
468 acres, Nicasio

This beef cattle ranch is located just north of Nicasio Square. Nicasio Valley has some of the highest land prices in rural Marin because of pressures to convert agricultural parcels to ranchettes. 



9. Rich Giacomini Ranch
826 acres, Marshall

MALT's easement made it possible for a local rancher to buy this former horse ranch, which is now in use for raising dairy replacement heifers. 

10. Barinaga Ranch
883 acres, Marshall

This ranch overlooks Tomales Bay and the Point Reyes peninsula and is surrounded by four other MALT-protected properties, creating a protected area of more than 6,000 contiguous acres.  Marcia Barinaga produces farmstead Basque-style sheep's milk cheese.

11. Spaletta Ranch
811 acres, Estero Americano

This ranch is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the north by Estero Americano, a coastal estuary supporting a variety of habitats and a diversity of plant and animal species.  Cow-calf operation.



12. Raiser Bacon Ranch
588 acres, Tomales

Leases pasture for a cow-calf operation.


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13. Spaletta Ranch
639 acres, Estero Americano 

This easement completed protection of the Spaletta Ranch property begun in 1988. This the only MALT easement that has special coastal zone resource protections.

14. Spirit Rock
107 acres, Woodacre

In approving the contruction of Insight Meditation Center, Marin County required that 90% of the property be restricted from further development by open space and agricultural easements. MALT's easement covers the 20% of the land suitable for agriculture, where the land is leased to a neighboring beef cattle rancher.



15-17. Pozzi Ranches
978 acres, Estero de San Antonio

MALT purchased the Wolcott Ranch near Dillon Beach and transferred it to the Pozzi family in exchange for easements on it and two Pozzi family ranches.  The Pozzis raise sheep and angus beef on the ranches.

18. McIsaac Dairy
219 acres, Tomales

This property is owned by a third-generation farming family that raises prize-winning dairy cattle and pastured chickens. 

19. Dolcini-Davidson Ranch
850 acres, Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Road

The rolling hills and adjacent level pastures of this ranch are used to graze heifers for the adjacent dairy owned by the same family.  



20. Bill & Eileen Jensen Ranch
180 acres, Tomales

This is one of the four oldest continuously operated family ranches in Marin. 

21. Al Poncia Ranch
269 acres, Fallon

Bordering Stemple Creek north of Tomales, part of this ranch is leased as a dairy and supplies milk for Wallaby Yogurt.  The remainder is used for raising sheep and beef cattle under the Stemple Creek Ranch label.

22. Leroy & Reba Dolcini Ranch
960 acres, Chileno Valley

This beef ranch, stretching southeast from Laguna Lake, was MALT's first easement in Chileno Valley, one of the most productive and threatened agricultural areas in Marin. 

23. David Burbank Ranch
210 acres, Fallon

Luther Burbank used this ranch for experiments with potatoes and blackberries. It is now owned by his brother's grandson, who lives there and grazes beef cattle and dairy heifers.

24. Mitchell Ranch
294 acres, Tomales

This ranch has been in the same family since the turn of the century.  Supports a dairy replacement heifer and sheep operation. 

25/26. Straus Home & Dairy Ranches
166/493 acres, Marshall

These ranches support a 250-cow dairy operation, used by the Straus family to produce organic milk and other dairy products. 

27. Brazil Ranch
952 acres, Tomales

The current owner purchased this ranch from George Nicholas, famous in agricultural circles for developing the Polypay sheep, which produce twins and even triplet offspring.  Raising sheep and beef cattle.

28. Maloney Ranch
288 acres, northeast corner of Marin County

This ranch, part of Fallon Hills Ranch grass-fed beef and lamb, is located in both Marin and Sonoma counties. MALT's easement only covers the Marin acreage. 

29. Respini Ranch
1,242 acres, Marshall

This ranch is surrounded by four other ranches with MALT easements, creating a protected area of more than 6,000 contiguous acres along the Marshall-Petaluma Road.  Home to some of Marin's only remaining native coastal prairie habitat.

30. Ellis Ranch
274 acres, Chileno Valley

The pastures of this ranch in the hills above Chileno Valley Road are leased to a neighboring cattle rancher.  



31. Sartori Ranch
645 acres, Tomales

This ranch on both sides of the Tomales-Petaluma Road has been owned by the Sartori family since the early 1900s. Organic pasture is leased for raising replacement heifers.

32. Pozzi Ranch
356 acres, Valley Ford

This ranch on both sides of Middle Road north of Tomales is used for grazing sheep and beef cattle.  Ranch produces wool and lamb sold to Whole Foods under Pozzi Ranch label.

33. Ryan Tocalino Ranch
856 acres, Novato

Climbing up the ridge southwest of Stafford Lake, this ranch was at risk of development due to its location near the Novato city limits.

34. Nobmann Ranch (Black Mtn. Ranch)
1,192 acres, Point Reyes Station

MALT's easement on this ranch protects the west face of Black Mountain, a prominent West Marin landmark that serves as a backdrop to the town of Point Reyes Station.  Grass-fed beef are raised here on organic pastures and sold under the Black Mountain Ranch label.

35. Faith Ranch
152 acres, Tomales

Dairy replacement heifers are raised on this ranch owned by Ramona Sartori Faith.



36. Fred & Karen Dolcini Ranch
1,003 acres, Chileno Valley

MALT's purchase of an easement on this ranch allowed Fred to buy out a co-owner and keep the property in productive agriculture.  Pastures leased for raising dairy replacement heifers and growing silage.

37. Corda Ranch
847 acres, Chileno Valley

Involved in Marin agriculture since 1884, the Corda family's transfer of an easement to MALT was part gift and part sale. Use mainly for grazing, the ranch also contains a vineyard.

38. Volpi Ranch
213 acres, Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Road

MALT's purchase of a conservation easement helped the Volpi family upgrade its goat dairy operation. Home to Andante Dairy Creamery, a small-batch cheesemaking business that supplies goat and sheep's milk cheeses to restaurants.



39. Doug & Cathy Ielmorini Dairy
400 acres, Nicasio

MALT's purchase of a conservation easement enabled the Ielmorinis to buy this Nicasio dairy, which they had been leasing for six years.  The dairy was recently certified organic.



40. Thomas Ielmorini Ranch
701 acres, Chileno Valley

The beef ranch is located just six miles from Petaluma and was severely threatened by suburban sprawl.  MALT's conservation easement ill keep it from ever being subdivided.


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41. Gale Ranch
586 acres,  Chileno Valley

Located near Petaluma, this ranch was subject to substantial development pressures. The Gales currently run the Chileno Valley Ranch grass-fed beef operation and u-pick apple and pear orchard business in the fall.

42. Bob Burbank Ranch
325 acres,Tomales

Located adjacent to the David Burbank ranch, this beef ranch has been in the same family since the 1860s when it was purchased by Luther Burbank's half-brother George.



43. Big Rock Ranches
2,296 acres, Nicasio

Lucasfilm, Ltd. conveyed this easement on the Big Rock, McGuire, and Loma Alta ranches as part of an agreement with the County of Marin. The current cattle operation continues while the company diversifies to wine grapes and olives.

44. Lois Parks Ranch
199 acres,Tomales

The family has been ranching in Tomales since 1880. Today Lois' son Glenn raises sheep on the ranch and leases pastureland to another rancher who raises replacement dairy heifers there.

45. John Jensen Ranch
320 acres,Tomales

Five generations of the Jensen family have been involved in ranching in Tomales. Sheep and a small herd of replacement dairy heifers are raised here.



46. Ielmorini-Moody Dairy
326 acres, Valley Ford

The dairy spans two counties with 1,237 acres protected by a Sonoma County Ag Preservation and Open Space District conservation easement and 326 acres protected by MALT.

47. Barboni Ranch
1,310 acres, Hicks Valley

Covering more land than any other MALT-protected property, this ranch includes special protections for designated creeks. Family members now raise sheep and purebred Angus calves on this former dairy.



48. Zimmerman Ranch
308 acres, Marshall

The easement on this ranch enabled Bill and Sharon Zimmerman to puchase Bill's parents' ranch and carry on the family beef cattle business.

49. Leiss Ranch
208 acres, Chileno Valley

Because of its proximity to Petaluma, this beef cattle ranch was especially vulnerable to development. Now it's part of a chain of 10 contiguous easement properties totaling 7,000 acres.

50. Lanatti Ranch
586 acres, Chileno Valley

Members of the Lanatti family lease to a 250-cow dairy on their ranch in conjunction with another dairy operation in Sonoma County. Part of the Sierra Organic dairy family.

51. Grossi Ranch
870 acres, Novato

Located just two miles from Novato, this ranch is a mosaic of forests and grasslands. Operated as a dairy by three generations of this family, the ranch is now used for raising replacement dairy heifers and beef cattle.



52. Moore Ranch
1,007 acres, Nicasio

The ranch was owned until 1999 by the Gallagher family, longtime dairy and beef ranchers in West Marin. They continue to lease the land for beef grazing from the current owners.

53. Phillips Lands
120 acres, Nicasio

This gift of a conservation easement on 120 forested acres adjoins 150 acres already protected by MALT.  Halleck Creek runs through the property, and the forests are home to bald and golden eagle nests.



54. Robert Giacomini Dairy Inc.
714 acres, north of Point Reyes Station

One of the largest and most productive dairies in Marin, the Giacomini Ranch has panoramic views of Tomales Bay and is home to Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company.

55/56. Jacobsen Ranch
981 acres, Chileno Valley

Renowned for the quality of its pastures, the Jacobsen Ranch is home to JA Angus, a purebred bull operation run by John Goldbeck, the grandson of owner Ruthelma Jacobsen.

57. Martin & Sally Pozzi Ranch
1,125 acres, Tomales

This easement enabled the Pozzi family to purchase the shoreline property at the mouth of Walker Creek which they had leased for four years. They raise sheep and beef cattle.



58. Tomales Farm & Dairy, East
178 acres, Tomales

This portion of a former dairy ranch was permanently protected for agriculture in a unique partnership with the landowners who donated 70% of the easement's value. Grass-fed cattle are raised here.



59. Crayne Ranch
294 acres, Tomales

Part of the historic landscape and unchanged for 150 years. Without this easement, this beef ranch would have been sold and most likely subdivided.

60. Tomales Farm & Dairy, West
243 acres, Tomales


In combination with the 2006 Tomales Dairy easement, the owners were able to create artisan cheese from the milk of their grass-fed Shorthorn herd.

61. Eugene Poncia Ranch
750 acres, Tomales

In the family since 1915, MALT purchase of a conservation easement enabled Gene Poncia to keep his ranch and pass it on to his son to run a cow/calf operation.



62. Panfiglio Ranch
810 acres, north of Point Reyes Station

The sale of an easement on this ranch located in a unique, isolated area at the base of Three Peaks kept the ranch in the family with an active beef cattle operation.

63. Dolcini Red Hill Ranch
565 acres, Hicks Valley

A brother and sister were able to avoid sale to outside interests and keep the historic and scenic ranch in active, diversified agriculture.  The Dolcinis raise grass-fed beef and pastured eggs and operate a farm stand onsite.   County Line Produce leases the rest of the acreage, operating the largest row crop farm in Marin County.



64. Cypress Lane Dairy
772 acres, Novato

Prominently located on Point Reyes-Petaluma Road at its intersection with Novato Boulevard, this dairy ranch is part of a greenbelt of protected historic farmland on the road leading to Petaluma. 


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65. Toluma Farms
160 acres, Tomales

Toluma Farms is a small, dversified goat and sheep farm.  They recently built an onsite creamery, and now produce cheese under the Tomales Farmstead Creamery label.

66. Mazzucchi Ranch
215 acres, Valley Ford

Located just south of Valley Ford near the border of the Estero Americano, the Mazzuch ranch supports sheep grazing.



67. Fred Corda Ranch
1,214 acres, Novato

The Corda family has owned this ranch just west of Novato since the early 1900's. Agricultural operations on the ranch include raising beef cattle and dairy heifers, as well as silage crop production for a local dairy.

68. Gary Thornton Ranch
1,013 acres, Tomales

The Thornton family raises grass-fed lamb, cattle and pastured eggs, and have plans to produce farmstead cheese in the near future. 



69. Moretti Ranch
126 acres, Fallon

MALT helped permanently protect the organic Moretti Dairy near the town of Tomales when it acquired the development rights on a 126-acre parcel located directly behind the family’s ranch. 

70/71. Barboni Home and Bassi Ranches
746 acres/448 acres, Novato

Easements on two properties preserve diverse oak woodlands and prime grazing pastures on the western end of Soulajule Reservoir.  The Barboni Family raise beef and sheep and sell meat under the name Hicks Valley Cattle Company.



 72. Stemple Creek Ranch
440 acres, Tomales

 4th-generation rancher Loren Poncia and his wife Lisa raise organic, grass-fed meat under the Stemple Creek Ranch label and practice innovative land and livestock stewardship.



73. Thacher Ranch
623 acres, Tomales

Will Thacher raises cattle and sheep on his family's ranch, and has designs on launching a small-scale milking and artisan cheese making operation.

74. Millerton Creek Ranch
864 acres, Pt. Reyes Station

In an unusual move, MALT purchased this property outright from a real estate developer and will lease it temporarily to two local ranchers for beef cattle and water buffalo dairy.

75. Paradise Valley Ranch
239 acres, Bolinas

This extraordinary property bordering Pt. Reyes National Seashore is home to one of California's first certified organic farms, and supports endangered fish and wildlife habitat amongst rows of fresh produce.


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