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Protected Lands

What does West Marin mean to you? Is it the rolling hills dotted with livestock, the smooth creamy tang of freshly made cheese or the crispness of locally produced lettuce? Do you strive to protect the Northern spotted owl or the river otter that are native to this environment? Perhaps it’s the interactions with the local farming families who call this beautiful place home.

For more than 30 years MALT has protected an extraordinary rural landscape on the edge of the sixth largest metropolitan area in the country. Today, almost half of West Marin farmland will never be subdivided or developed. Nourishing food is produced every day of the year and is a key part in a vibrant local economy. Important wildlife habitat provides homes to endangered species on many of our family farms and ranches, and Marin’s abundant grassland also sequesters carbon, which helps fight climate change. Thanks to MALT, many multi-generational farming families have been able to stay on their land and prosper and new farmers are drawn to Marin's vibrant local food system. 

Get to know some of our our local farmers, find out how to buy directly from them, and learn about the farming landscape by checking out our Profiles in Preservation and the MALT farmland conservation map.