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Earning Your Trust: LTA Accreditation

LTA accreditedMarin Agricultural Land Trust is proud to be accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance. The Land Trust Accreditation Commission was incorporated in 2006 with a mission to build and recognize strong land trusts, foster public confidence in our work and help ensure the long-term protection of the land. 

MALT achieved accreditation in 2009. This designation assures landowners, partners, supporters and the public that we operate according to industry best practices, and that we’re a responsible, ethical and fiscally viable organization that will last as long as our easements.

Upholding LTA accreditation is an important step to earn the faith and trust of our community. MALT successfully completed our first renewal in 2016, earning the organization accreditation through 2021.  

To learn more about the land trust accreditation program, please visit