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Peter Davis

London born Peter Davis can trace his deep rooted love for the land back 70 years. Peter walked and cycled everywhere in London as a young child, but remembers the city feeling "closed in" and dark. During World War II, Peter was part of the massive evacuation of children from London to the countryside. From what for many was a traumatic experience, Peter has only fond memories of "living rough" on a large estate farm and connecting with the land in a way he only dreamed of before. For the first time in his young life, he gazed out at vast openness and the beauty of productive, agricultural land.

Twenty years later, Peter's love for the land deepened when he arrived in Marin County. He remembers hiking in West Marin and seeing the farms, ranches and open spaces similar to those that had first captured his heart as a 16 year old in the English countryside. Shortly after, Peter visited the Straus Dairy, one of MALT's earliest easements. He enjoyed a delicious lunch at a long farmhouse table next to MALT's co-founder and dairywoman Ellen Straus. He asked Ellen why Americans couldn't come close to the quality of European yogurts. Ellen ensured Peter left with a pint of Straus yogurt, creating a life-long supporter and lover of Straus products and deepening his appreciation of Marin's productive land.

Now a resident of Tiburon, the retired investor has been very savvy about making planned gifts that reduce his tax burden while supporting causes close to his heart. Peter set up a Charitable Remainder Trust with highly appreciated stock which allowed Peter to realize significant tax savings, receive lifelong income from the trust and make a lasting legacy to MALT assuring future generations can enjoy the land he loves.

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