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Mark and Kristen Goldstein

Tiburon residents Mark and Kristen Goldstein have been donors to MALT for a decade—"ground-stomping fans," says internet entrepreneur Mark. He and Kristen believe that MALT's model of purchasing conservation easements is a smart solution to preserving the agrarian way of life and the rural quality of Marin County. So when they married five years ago, they asked their friends to make donations to MALT instead of giving traditional wedding gifts.

Mark's family had owned farmland in New England, so his love of the working landscape came naturally, but he first began to really appreciate MALT's efforts to protect farmland when he began to bicycle the picturesque roads of West Marin which are dotted with family farms and watched over by grazing Holsteins. And now that he and Kristen have two young children of their own—Jack and Athena—becoming Legacy Giving Donors was the logical next step. As Mark says, "We recognized that we wanted to leave a portion of our assets to MALT. We like the way the organization is run, and it makes us feel good knowing that West Marin will stay as it is for future generations because of MALT. Our bequest will be part of that legacy."

Mark continues to bike in West Marin and encourages his fellow cyclists to become MALT supporters, too. "We hope more and more people of our generation will support Marin Agricultural Land Trust. Protecting this landscape is good for everyone."



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