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Christina and Ken Waldeck

WaldecksKen and Christina Waldeck "found" MALT in 1997 through their involvement in the Environmental Forum of Marin. An Environmental Forum class took them to Tomales Bay Food and introduced them to Ellen Straus and Bob Berner. The Waldecks left Point Reyes that day impressed with the "clarity of vision and importance of the mission described."

The couple's passion for environmental stewardship led to a deepening involvement in MALT. Christina was part of the first formal volunteer training program and went on to volunteer on behalf of MALT at the Farmer's Market, Directors' Barbecue and other food related events. The Waldecks now joke that if it weren't for MALT they wouldn't have a social life seeing how they now go to most or all of the events!

When the Waldecks developed their will, MALT was one of the organizations that they wanted to include. Ken and Christina see a future for MALT where 100% of Marin County farmland is protected and the focus of the organization is on stewardship – and they want their bequest to be a part of that effort. As they noted, "Legacy giving is a way that we can help ensure that this great organization has a great future."


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