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Five Properties Protected in the Past Year

Fall 2018


This has been an exciting year at MALT! Since fall of 2017 we have protected five new properties, totaling 3,847 acres. These farms and ranches, now protected as farmland forever, provide crucial habitat for many native plants and animals, as well as grazing land for cattle and sheep.

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1. Luiz Ranch

1008 acres, Gallinas Valley

Luiz Ranch

The Marin Open Space District recently consolidated three easements donated by James and Francesca Hetfield, ultimately transferring one agricultural conservation easement to MALT to oversee in perpetuity. Luiz Ranch represents 1,000 acres returned to ranching — beef cattle now graze here — joining a 26,515-acre block of protected agriculture lands.

2. J. McIsaac Ranch

527 acres, Nicasio

J McIsaac Ranch

MALT has now permanently protected J. McIsaac Ranch for farming, saving the recently at-risk land from subdivision and development. The McIsaac Ranch, situated along Nicasio Reservoir, is now part of a 26,515-acre block of protected agricultural lands, its rolling hills and grasslands dotted with grazing heifers.

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3. Bianchini Ranch

705 acres, Point Reyes Station

 Bianchini Ranch

Karen Taylor, a sixth-generation dairywoman, was raised on this ranch. Together with her husband, John, and three children, she owns and operates Bivalve Dairy®, selling their organic milk to Clover Sonoma and Cowgirl Creamery. This ranch joins a 10,433-acre block of MALT-protected land.

4. Furlong Ranch

609 acres, Marshall

Furlong Ranch

Overlooking Tomales Bay, this sheep and cattle ranch was at high risk of being sold for homes. Now protected as farmland forever, Furlong Ranch and is part of a critical wildlife migration corridor stretching from the coast range to Mount St. Helena and beyond.

5. Evans Nicasio Ranch

998 acres, Nicasio

Evans Nicasio Ranch

Evans Nicasio Ranch, home to beef cattle and a longtime Marin County ranching family, is now protected as farmland forever. This property joins a 26,515-acre block of protected agriculture lands, safeguarding critical habitat, the headwaters of Nicasio Reservoir and open rangeland for wildlife migration.