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Ranches & Rolling Hills Artist Spotlight: Jeremy Harper

January 2019

Our Ranching & Rolling Hills Art Show is a successful collaboration between MALT and the many artists that paint our beloved West Marin. In the lead up to the May event, we want to spotlight some of the artists that are participating this year.

First up is Jeremy Harper who answered a few questions about his art, West Marin, and MALT.

Jeremy Harper Ranches & Rolling Hills 2019

What are you working on for the upcoming RRH show?

JH: When choosing a landscape to paint in West Marin I have to feel inspired. I love driving around and looking out the window at the countless possibilities and narrowing it down to just one or two. In one of my recent paintings of The Nicasio Reservoir I have just now decided to add some native Red Winged Black Birds. When painting outdoors it isn't all that easy to capture the fleeting moment of a flying bird.

What draws you to paint West Marin?

JH: More than anything I enjoy painting in the solitude of nature. West Marin is one of the most peaceful and serene landscapes that I know of. There is so much variety as well, from groves of towering Eucalyptus to rolling pastureland to the rugged coastline near Point Reyes.

Jeremy Harper Ranches & Rolling Hills 2019

Why do you choose to collaborate with MALT?

JH: MALT believes in protecting wide open spaces from development which is vitally important for our future generations. Imagine a California without people and organizations that care to create protected lands.

Where can people learn more about your work?

JH: My website is  I have been posting my most recent work on Instagram @jeremyharperartist.

You can also visit the Ranches & Rolling Hills art show to see some of Jeremy’s recent work (painted on MALT-properties), and help protect these incredible landscapes by supporting MALT.