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Clean Air And Water

Protecting Resources for the Common Good

Clean airFamily farms and ranches in Marin help preserve clean air and water for people, plants and animals in the Bay Area and beyond. By protecting farmland, we’re preventing the pollution, emissions and contaminated runoff associated with urban sprawl and paved surfaces. Studies conducted in Marin County and around the Bay Area have found that rivers and lakes draining rural areas have cleaner, colder, more oxygenated water than those draining cities and suburbs. 

In fact, many MALT-protected farmers and ranchers operate in ways that actually improve air and water quality. MALT’s Stewardship Assistance Program grants funding to landowners to complete restoration and erosion control projects. Ranchers have used these funds for projects like fencing stream beds to protect them from overgrazing and planting native vegetation to slow runoff and retain soil nutrients. 

Clean Air, Lower Emissions

Eating locally-produced food reduces “food miles,” a measure of the distance and resources required to get food from the field to your table. By eating fresh food grown close to home at the peak of its season, you reduce food miles, therefore reducing carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change.

In recent years, MALT has also worked closely with ranchers, scientists and policy-makers to explore the future of carbon farming, a set of practices that improve the land’s ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere, where it contributes to global warming, and store it in the soil as a harmless nutrient. 

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