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Marin Local Food

Cowgirl-Creamery-Devils-GulchMALT protects more than 53,000 acres on 85 family farms and ranches in Marin County. Our farmers and ranchers produce milk, cheese, beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, vegetables, fruits, wool and more. Food grown in Marin County is an important part of the Bay Area’s vibrant culinary scene. 

Why Eat Local Food?

Know Where Your Money Goes

Many Marin farmers and ranchers sell their products directly to consumers or at farmers markets throughout the Bay Area. When you buy your food straight from the farmer or rancher, you get to know the producers and their methods. And the money you spend on food stays here in the local economy, sustaining the community. 

Grow your Economy

Across America, farms and ranches are threatened by rising land prices, development and lack of support for agriculture. But here at MALT we know the value of protecting farmland and supporting farmers and ranchers. In all, there are nearly 300 family farms in Marin, growing food and fiber on 167,000 acres of land. While farming is in decline in many areas of the country, in Marin it is a $111 million business and growing, thanks in no small part to the commitment of MALT supporters who have pitched in to protect the land.

farmers marketEating Seasonally

Eating locally is eating seasonally. MALT-protected farms grow fruits, vegetables and eggs, sold at nearby markets and restaurants. Throughout the year, MALT-protected dairies and creameries offer cheeses that reflect and complement the flavors of the season, and ranchers feed cattle with fresh pasture grass. Buying from these sources means you’re eating the freshest food when it’s at peak supply. Eating seasonally is also a great way to mark the passage of time, explore new flavors and connect with your local environment.

More Benefits of Marin Farms

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