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MALT works to secure the future of farming and ranching in Marin County. The conservation easements we purchase prevent the land from being developed or used in ways that are detrimental to agriculture, but protecting the land is just the first important step.

Once we’ve worked with landowners to protect their property, we take on the deep and permanent responsibility of supporting them as they steward the land and its soil, water, plants and animals. 

What Is Stewardship?

Al PonciaStewardship is a set of practices that maintain or improve the agricultural and natural values of the land.

Restoring a stream with native plants, controlling weeds, and practicing rotational grazing are all examples of stewardship. By working with landowners to safeguard the land and its agricultural values, we’re ensuring that Marin’s farming landscape, economy and community will last as long as our easements: forever. 

Stewardship at MALT

Here are some of the ways that MALT supports stewardship of protected land: