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Dolcini Red Hill Ranch, Hicks Valley


Save More Farms - donate nowSituated at the intersection of Hicks Valley Road and Point Reyes-Petaluma Road, Red Hill Ranch has been in the ownership of the same family for nearly a century. Arnold Dolcini, Sr. started a dairy at that location in 1918, and the family has had an agricultural operation there ever since. In 1973, the ranch was inherited by seven Dolcini siblings who are the children of Arnold, Jr. and his wife Betty, both deceased.

Kitty DolciniA Jersey dairy until 2000, the ranch now supports a diversified operation. Doug Dolcini and his daughter Annie raise beef cattle, while Doug's sister Kitty Dolcini raises pastured eggs and runs a farm stand on the ranch. Additional land is leased to organic fruit and vegetable growers like County Line Harvest and Moon Fox Farm.

Because of its location, its short commuting distance to central Marin, and the existence of seven legal parcels on the property, the 585-acre ranch was ripe for residential development. But Doug and Kitty used the income from the sale of a MALT easement to buy out their four brothers and a sister. They retain one development right for the existing homestead. All other development rights are extinguished, and the property permanently protected from subdivision or non-agricultural uses.

Doug Dolcini"I'd like to thank MALT and its contributors for enabling us to keep this ranch in the family and to ensure an agricultural lifestyle for future generations," says Kitty Dolcini. "Without their help, I believe that the sale of this ranch to someone outside the family would have been inevitable."

"It's hard to explain the deep attachment to the land and to the way of life that comes with growing up with your feet in the grass," Kitty says. "For me, it's in the play of shadow and sunlight on the hills in the late afternoon. It satisfies my soul."

Doug adds, "For me the deal is the rocks, the trees, and the dirt that make you who you are."

How to purchase Dolcini Ranch products

You can buy Dolcini Ranch grass-fed beef by the quarter, half or whole by calling 707-696-0425 or emailing them at

Kitty sells her pasture-raised eggs at the San Rafael Civic Center farmers market on Thursdays and Sundays year-round, and at the Point Reyes Farmers' Market during the summer and fall. You can also visit Kitty's farmstand at Dolcini Ranch where you can purchase fruits, vegetables, pastured eggs and frozen Dolcini Ranch beef products. The ranch is located on Point Reyes-Petaluma Road at Red Hill Road, just north of Hicks Valley Road.

To find out where you can purchase County Line Harvest's organic fruits and veggies, visit

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