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Water and Watershed Information

What is a watershed?


Marin County contains nearly 20 major watersheds, including Stemple Creek, Estero Americano, Novato Creek, Bolinas Lagoon, Walker Creek and Tomales Bay.
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Why does it matter?

When watersheds are healthy and functioning well, they:

  • Provide habitat for a diverse array of native plants and animals
  • Filter sediment and other contaminants from our water
  • Act as buffers against flooding

Creek Conservation Areas

MALT incorporates Creek Conservation Areas (CCAs) along streams and creeks when a new conservation easement is acquired. CCAs are buffer zones around streams requiring a Creek Conservation Area Management Plan (CCAMP).   The plans identify management practices to protect sensitive resources near streams and wetland areas to prevent erosion and protect water quality. MALT has so far designated Creek Conservation Areas on more than seven miles of streams and creeks throughout Marin County.

Funding for Watershed Restoration

watershed restorationMeasure A, a quarter-cent sales tax passed by Marin County voters in 2012, provides resources for stewardship and riparian restoration projects implemented by Marin Resource Conservation District (MRCD). These projects are designed to improve water quality on Marin farms and ranches. With help from MALT’s Stewardship Assistance Program, stewardship staff work with landowners to help meet matching fund mandates required by Measure A to complete projects with our partners at MRCD.

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